We work with ALL INSURANCE COMPANIES, but we will never compromise what is best for you, just to keep an insurance adjuster happy.  We try to get along with insurance companies, but our loyalties lie with you!  Our promise is simple.  Always put YOU FIRST, and things will work out OK for us.

It's important to know that most auto body shops are have a legally binding contract with insurance providers. This contract is sometimes referred to as a "DRP relationship", or sometimes claims personnel refer to these shops as "preferred", or "on the program"   ...translation...    these shops are CONTRACTUALLY bound to do things in ways that benefit the carrier, and the carrier will promise to "send them business" in exchange.  But this relationship doesn't necessarily benefit the vehicle owner; and sometimes it could actually hurt you as the vehicle owner.  Sometimes shops are required to use non-factory parts, or to use less expensive paint, or to do procedures for less compensation, or even do certain things without charging for them at all!  These shops may be forced to cut corners, in order to decrease the cost of the repair, or speed up the repair time to reduce rental car costs... 

The only person that doesn't benefit in these scenarios is YOU.

Oh, and by the way, WE LIFETIME GUARANTEE ALL OF OUR BODY WORK & PAINT, so don't worry about that.  Sometimes carriers may suggest going to a "preferred" shop because they will guarantee their work; However, if you have to get the insurance company involved in a warranty claim, you have already been through unneeded brain damage and stress.  Insurance companies don't repair cars, repair facilities do; so if that repair facility did bad work, won't take care of it, and you then have to involve the insurance company, it just gets more stressful from there.  Most often the carrier just calls that shop, and you're back dealing with a shop that didn't do great work to begin with.  It is frustrating.

As one of Utah's only independent autobody shops, we put YOU, the vehicle owner FIRST.  We ADVOCATE for you, making sure your interests are protected. This means we put all of our resources and experience to work for you from the very beginning.  We are veterans at this, because we do it everyday.  You shouldn't have become an expert at this.  We already are.  We will help you, so you can handle things like an expert, without spending the hours and hours it would take to figure it out on your own!

Insurance carriers have a responsibility to make you whole after an accident. We make sure that they live up to their part of the bargain, and that you won't have to deal with it alone.  Our entire business model at Valet rests on advocating and working for you.  

Sometimes Insurance adjusters may not be super happy when you bring your car to us, but YOU WILL BE!

Our promise is simple.  Always put YOU FIRST, and things will work out for us.